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Hi!  I'm Meg

I've been an artist/performer my entire life, but this is the first time I've really focused on my art! I have so many aspirations for my Mashables, and your support is fulfilling a dream that WILL come true!

Mashables™ are combinations of animals and other elements. Sometimes they're multiple animals, sometimes they're animals and food, a word, an inanimate object. You name it! The result is a sometimes terrifying, sometimes clever, ALWAYS cute creature. 

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Come hang out on TwitchTV!


I create a safe, fun space in which kiddos and adults alike can hang out in a world of the "What If's." What If I combined a whale and a taco? Or a frog and bat? Or manatee and bunny? Let's explore this creative, fun world together!

Wednesdays 3 pm EST
Fridays 3 pm EST

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Shipping Policy


Standard processing time is 3-5 days after orders are placed. Items are shipped USPS First Class, with shipping times varying based on destination. Standard shipping time is 3-7 days.  Due to COVID and other industry issues, shipping times may vary.

Apparel is made to order especially for you and shipped separately. If you purchase non-apparel items from the shop in the same order (ie. stickers, pins, etc), please note that apparel will be sent separately and has a few extra days added to the shipping window. You will get separate tracking information from our manufacturer for apparel orders. 

Pre-order items will take longer to ship out since they are still in production and not yet in house.

If you order in-stock items alongside pre-order items, all items will be shipped together when the pre-order arrives.
If you want your in-stock items to arrive sooner, you will need to place a separate order.

Pre-order details are subject to small changes, and delivery dates are estimated at around 1-3 weeks but may take longer depending on production and shipping delays. For timeline expectations and expected arrival, please refer back to this page

or check your email and tracking information with your local post office. 

I do not accept returns or refunds for lost/stolen packages, however, I'm happy to work with you if an error occurs with your order.

Please simply contact me ^_^

I use eco-friendly shipping and packing materials to do our part in lessening the impact on our environment. 

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