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About Meg

Meg (she/her) has been an artist and performer for her entire life. The 2020 pandemic forced her hand in making the decision to focus on just her artwork, instead of the dozens of other fun things she was involved in. 

In the past 2 years, the Mashables brand has become larger and more life-changing than she could have ever foreseen. And this is just the beginning. With the tremendous help of her family and friends, she was able to plant the seed of Mashables and watch it blossom and flourish. This is no longer just a “side thing.” Meg is fully dedicated to making Mashables the successful, positivity-spreading, thought-provoking, fun-promoting entity that it is destined to be. 

She is constantly in awe and humbled by the endless support of those around her, and is well aware that her success is fueled by the generosity of that community. 

Her big picture goals are to have Mashables stores across the country, community-engaging workshops, and programs, and to be a strong example of how a business can be successful with a strong moral core and be responsible in both an environmental and a humanitarian sense. 

This is the beginning of something larger than herself, and she’s thrilled to be a part of the ride.

About Me
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About Kayla

Kayla (she/her) is the left brain to Meg's right brain. Often referring to herself as the "wizard behind the curtain," she helps Meg with stuff like inventory management, web design, office organization, and any type-a drool-worthy tasks needed to run a business. Given that Kayla can barely draw a stick figure and Meg is an incredible artist - they make a perfect pair! Kayla is so incredibly proud of her best friend and is so thankful for the opportunity to utilize her professional toolkit to help Meg's Mashables grow. 

With a career involving marketing, communication, social media, and page design, Kayla enjoys using her skillset to help artists and small businesses with more of the analytical and organizational sides of a business. If you need a beautiful spreadsheet organizing your entire life - she's your gal. 


Outside of "work mode," Kayla is just a big-ol queer nerd who plays a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, reads a lot of books, drinks too much coffee, and just generally submerges herself in the world of pop culture.

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Shipping Policy


THE CURRENT PROCESSING TIME IS 3-7 DAYS AFTER ORDERS ARE PLACED. Please know that we will do our best to get to all orders as soon as possible.  Items are shipped USPS First Class, with shipping times varying based on destination. Standard shipping time is 3-7 days.  Due to COVID and other industry issues, shipping times may vary

Pre-order items will take longer to ship out since they are still in production and/or not yet in house.

If you order in-stock items alongside pre-order items, all items will be shipped together when the pre-order arrives.
If you want your in-stock items to arrive sooner, you will need to place a separate order.

Pre-order details are subject to small changes, and delivery dates are estimated at around 1-3 weeks but may take longer depending on production and shipping delays. For timeline expectations and expected arrival, please refer back to this page

or check your email and tracking information with your local post office. 

Apparel is made to order especially for you and shipped separately. If you purchase non-apparel items from the shop in the same order (ie. stickers, pins, etc), please note that apparel will be sent separately and has a few extra days added to the shipping window. You will get separate tracking information from our manufacturer for apparel orders. 

I do not accept returns or refunds for lost/stolen packages, however, I'm happy to work with you if an error occurs with your order.

Please simply contact me ^_^

I use eco-friendly shipping and packing materials to do our part in lessening the impact on our environment. 

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